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Tuesday, January 21, 2003  

Tea Time

I know why I got fat. I got fat because I love flavor. I just love lots of different flavors.

I grew up in a Navy family, moving around a little bit. My mom’s dad, too was in the Navy, and she moved around lots while growing up. So we had strange condiments in the cupboard. We might have an 11-boy curry for dinner one evening, and Mongolian hot pot the next. I was more familiar with mangoes than turnips, and liked dried seaweed snacks and chutney way more than American cheese. I never could get the hang of American cheese.

But usually, I’m ready for the next flavor. I like the meal I just ate, the meal I’m eating, and best of all, I like the meal that’s coming soon. This is what’s great about eating a lot of tiny meals: more opportunities each day for new flavors.

And you’d think five meals a day would be enough. But no. I’m often hungry between meals, especially on heavy exercise days.

Between meals, I still want to taste something. Sitting at the computer, watching TV, reading, I like to taste stuff.

But, of course, I can’t afford the extra calories in extra food.

So I’ve taken to teas. Teas of many types. Herbs and root infusions and proper blacks and greens. There are thousands of possibilities out there, some of them wild and rare, many common and comforting.

Teas give me flavors for no calories. Floral and peppermint teas calm my appetite between meals. Black teas with cream and Splenda comfort me when I’m sick. Ginger infusions keep flu symptoms down and warm me up. Sweet rooibos is great before bed.

I have inherited a crazy collection of lovely pots and strainers and teacups from various countries. When I’m in the mood to spoil myself, I will take a very long time choosing a pot and a cup to make a great cup of tea. I’ll stand over the kettle while it boils, stand over the tea while it brews (being very careful not to over-brew and ruin it). I’ll hold the cup in both hands, bending my face over the steam for a long time, quietly, before moving on to the next thing in my day. A great cup of tea can be pure sensuality, as decadent as Swiss chocolate, and a longer, more satisfying taste fix.

And you know, teas are actually supposed to be good for you. Really quite good for you…

There are many good tea sources out there. But I have a new favorite, Special Teas. A buddy of mine recently turned me on to this company, which does a great job of explaining tea types while offering an incredible selection in each category.

So, that’s my Tuesday tip. Find yourself a good brew or two to spoil yourself and carry you through evening cravings. It may take a little time to switch from Cheezits to China Black, but it is possible. I swear.

I hear the kettle going,


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