The Skinny Daily Post
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1.14 Listening to Your Body, Setting microgoals
1.16 Belly Dancing, or Whatever…, Staying interested
1.18 Elizabeth's New Hobby, My niece started running
1.19 Overdoing It?, Resting between workouts
1.22 Feet On Floor, Getting your exercise in the morning
1.24 A Little Dive and Save Workout, Getting sneaky
1.31 Fish, Maybe the pool is the place to start
2.01 Home Sweet Gym, Stuff to make home workouts easy
2.09 Pilates, My favorite all-over strengthening exercise
2.12 Weighty, Gain the muscle, lose the fat
2.15 Tai Chi, A way of knowing yourself and others

2.22 Weekend Warrior, Getting fit at week's end

2.27 Movement for Movements, Exercise your conscience
3.08 Gotta Get the Shoes, Save your joints
3.15 Moving Your Asana, Try yoga
3.24 Walking, How to step in your spring
3.29 Fitness Thresholds, Opening doors to fitness
4.05 My Mommy Kicks My Ass, Water Aerobics
4.10 Workout Wear, Clothing for confidence
4.12 Joint Care, Keeping the hinges going
4.18 Sidelined , Avoiding DOMS
4.20 Gym Anxiety, Surviving the 7th grade
5.01 Walking Away the Pounds, Leslie Sansone's tapes
5.04 Elizabeth's Big Day, Marathons for the masses
5.07 I'm a Ballerina, Ballet for big kids
5.16 Training your Tootsies, In shape for travel
5.19 Evolution, Irish women win
5.21 Travel Gym, All alone in your little room
5.28 Folk Dancing, Fun sweat
5.31 But Seriously..., Gentle. Intense. Strong.
6.18 Cooling It, Staying cool in the heat
7.05 Rain Run, Lovely day for a run
7.12 Routine, Getting the exercise in
7.18 Running Jones, When peer pressure is a good thing
8.23 Slow Down, Harder than it sounds
8.25 Asthma Redux, I hear you, I hear you
9.06 Flash Fitness, Stage a fitness happening
9.09 Driving Myself to Drink, Battling dehydration
9.10 Bored?, Putting the pepper back in your workouts
9.14 Running 12 Miles, In two years
9.15 Limits, We all have them
9.17 Sweat, It's real pretty
9.21 In the Dark, Workout strategies for shorter days
9.27 Your Friend the Floor, Moves you can make anywhere
10.01 Route Smart, Mapper software
10.10 The Shape Part, Fitness for what you want
10.18 If It Feels Good, Do it
10.22 Half an Hour, It's a start. It may grow on you.
10.26 Tennis Anyone?, The boys in my family and their game
10.27 Momentum, Giving perpetual motion a chance
10.29 Trick or Treat?, Finding new paths to exercise
11.02 Beating Your Feet, Plantar Fasciitis, my old nemesis
11.10 Respecting Consistency, My mom inspires new exercise goals
11.18 There's No Feeling Like Fit, For the holidays
11.25 When to Say When, Workout strategies to avoid injury
12.05 How About a Personal Trainer?, Not just for moguls
12.31 Give Me Ten, 10-minute workouts work
01.05 Resolutions Are For Sissies, Try finding real resolve
01.12 Beating Gym Phobia, Reconnaissance to get you ready
01.14 No Public Displays of Effort, Body maintenance behind closed doors
01.23 Kid Stuff , Are you up to it?
01.29 Those Wussy Athletes, Suck it up and move just a little
02.19 So Over Winter, Curing cold weather blues
03.09 VERB Is What You Do, Have fun