The Skinny Daily Post
Journal Exercises
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1.07 Why blog about it?, Why I'm keeping this blog.
1.08 What are you eating? And why?, Keeping a food diary.
1.11 Gadget Nerd!, Software and tools to help
1.12 Icky, Yucky, Pooh, Maintaining control when ill
2.02 Body Mind, Being kind to your vessel
2.03 Detail-oriented Dieting, DJs method for keeping track
2.04 Anatomy of a Binge, Learning about your triggers
2.10 Setbacks, Coping with a pause in the action
2.14 Happy Valentines, Write yourself a little note

2.17 Look Back, Look Ahead, Again with the journaling
2.19 Family Food History, Write, think, change
2.26 Doing the Cancan, Busting through roadblocks
3.01 Online Journals, Amy's way

3.02 I Am Obese, Until they find a cure
3.07 Invincibility, Juju's ego takes a hit
3.22 Anxiety Eating, Writing around the munchies
3.28 Are You Worthy?, Getting ready to lose
3.30 Self Deconstruction, What's eating you?
3.31 Your Own Little Corner, A safe place to write
4.01 Your Inner Fool, Listen to yourself!
4.07 Renewing Vows, Saying I Do again
4.17 Puckered Up, Cellulite ranting
4.25 Monster Mash, Battling your health demons
4.27 Comfortable in Your Skin, A really great goal
5.05 Getting Help for the Help, What fitness counselors need to know
5.06 Scars, Write to learn about yours
5.13 Skinny Daily in Ireland, Getting the Irish groove on
5.22 Success Stories, Know your own
6.11 Sa, Sa, Sabotage, Learn to deal
6.13 Desk Job Redux, An alternate universe
6.14 Pond Scum, Cathartic exercise
6.30 Humming, Extra energy
7.28 Random Cog, Life's too short
8.08 Tough Assignment, A hard list to write
8.13 Scared, Facing down the regaining goblin
8.18 The Bound (Wo)Man, Give Sagging Asses a Chance
8.27 Fantasy Island, Write a new ending
8.31 What to Say?, On being impossible to talk to
9.05 Food Insecurity?, Write away your food fear
9.08 Do You Know Where Your Fat Is?, Does the world really need a fat-ray?
9.11 A Day to Remember
9.12 Virtual Binge, Write it out of your system

9.20 Hiding, Avoiding, Ducking, Looking for the motive for your fat?
9.26 Fat Bias, Do I have it? Do you?
9.30 I'll Show You, Spiteful eating
10.07 Is it Failure?, Or...
10.11 The Beauty Imperative, Where's the line?
10.15 Imagine, Envisioning your future
10.19 Enjoying This, Or Not, Finding the balance between focus and fearful eating
10.28 How I got fat, Come along for the ride
10.31 All or Nothing Brain, The dangers of black-or-white thinking
11.07 The Secret of Your Success, Start writing your memoirs now
11.22 Sneaking Food, Write it out of your system
11.29 Take a Load Off, Freeing yourself to lose weight
12.02 Fine Tuning, Listening to your body to choose the right fuels

12.09 Exercise your Memory, Find out what's fun
12.17 Highly Motivated People, How to get you some o' that
12.24 Did You Forget Someone? Gifts to give yourself this season
01.06 Try a Body Log Okay, Okay, I'm a broken record
01.15 Finding Your Mojo, Defining your own beautiful self
02.02 No One Will Love You, Oh, really?
02.04 Should You Trust Your Instincts?, Or know better?
02.13 Focus on Hunger, Relearning cues to eat
03.08 Fear of Fat, Freaking over your scale?