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Monday, October 27, 2003  

Giving perpetual motion a chance

Monday is momentum day. Sundays for me are inert, so on Mondays I work hard to move my mass.

And to move it with any velocity at all takes a truly heroic effort. A force of will, character, survival instinct. I need to make a loud Yawp! and propel myself, groaning and complaining, into some form of exercise on a Monday.

It's so haaaarrrd.

But the whole week works so much better when I do. When I do put velocity behind my butt, get moving, I create a kind of momentum that will carry me to Tuesday's workout with ease. And Tuesday begets Wednesday. If I exercise on a Monday, I'm more likely to exercise all week long.

But if I miss Monday, Tuesday feels out of step. By Wednesday I figure I've blown the week, and if I haven't moved until Saturday, it seems prudent to start over on Monday.

It's simple momentum. The product of mass and velocity. Impetus feeds continuous motion. And that impetus has to come from somewhere.

Think of a metronome, or think of those swell clicky steel ball desk toys, or the classic bulb-bottomed drinking bird toy. They are inert until that first push, and then these things can just keep moving, almost indefinitely. The physics of movement almost always demonstrate that it takes very little effort to keep a body in motion moving. But it's harder, takes more work, to overcome inertia.

It's the starting that requires effort. We need a push, or we don't go anywhere, Charlie.

Happy Monday. Move your mass,


Online Newton's Cradle Toy
Online Metronome requiring no momentum at all
That bird (scroll to bottom of page)

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