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1.10 What about that Atkins?, The good Dr. gets a bad rap
1.25 Good King Richard, Seeing Richard Simmons live
2.07 Guru Jonny Bowden, The Shape Up guy's system

2.21 The Philosopher's Diet, Richard A. Watson
3.14 Food Politics, Dr. Marion Nestle
4.11 Mindless Eating, Dr. Pamela Peeke
4.13 Care of the Soul, Thomas Moore
4.23 The Lean Plate Club, Sally Squires
5.08 Travel Plans, So many blogs, so little time
7.02 Jonny's Next Thing, Help write Bowden's next book
8.07 Diet Blogs?, What's that all about, anyway?
8.11 It's All Uphill, John "The Penguin" Bingham
9.02 Age and Weight and Fitness, March needs a mentor
10.02 Separating Church and State, Sen. Fitzgerald tries
10.08 Thin for Life, Anne M. Fletcher
11.21 Eat, Drink, and Be Healthy, Walter C. Willett
01.26 Living the Low Carb Life, Jonny Bowden's field guide
02.06 Passing For Thin, Frances Kuffel's fine memoir
02.25 Got Guts? Taking care of them