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Thursday, August 07, 2003  

Diet Blogs?

So here's an interesting question from NY Times reporter Amy Harmon: What's the deal with Diet Blogs?

Well, I'm not quoting her exactly. And she doesn't sound anything like Jerry Seinfeld on the phone. But she is thinking about thinking about maybe writing an article about this category of blogs.

She's interested in online diet journals, diaries, blogs. What form of writing is this? Why do people do it? What motivates them? Who reads these things? Why? What do they get out of them?

She's full of questions, interested in their history, interested in hearing from people who read them and people who write them. If you'd like to share your opinion with Amy, tell her what you're reading and why, what blogs you follow, how you found them in the first place, what they do for you. Or writer her if you're a diet blogger and tell her why you keep the blog, what motivates you, what on earth you were thinking to start such a thing. Reach her here: (I swear that's a real address.)

You may hear back from her, or she may be inundated with mail, but anything you share will help her with her piece, I'm sure, and she'll appreciate it.

And if you have no idea what I'm talking about, then you may not realize that you're reading a diet blog, or weB LOG. If you receive the email edition of The Skinny Daily Post and don't visit the site, then you should know that Skinny Daily is one of a host of such sites, all good reads. There are lots of good writers out there, people who keep diet and fitness blogs that are motivating, informative, funny, racy, raucous, and sometimes plain nuts.

Here are some goodies. There are more. Follow the links, friends. And have fun exploring:

And I always have to include this great reading, though it's not,
technically speaking, a blog:


Ga'hed, talk to the reporter.


What's a blog?

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