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Friday, April 25, 2003  

Monster Mash

I've been a little overwhelmed with work these past few days. Weeks. Just a little scheduling train wreck going on. As things begin to smooth out, my instinct is to stop suddenly and completely, pull the covers over my head, and hide until things are out of control again and I simply have to respond, again, to a wrecked schedule.

This all-or-nothing scheduling habit is one of my little monsters. Schedule management, Monster 1. I have a few little monsters. A small army of indefatigable monsters.

Last night, while eating the wrong food for 9 p.m. in front of the TV, which I know I'm not supposed to ever, EVER do (Late carb noshing, TV noshing, Monsters 2 and 3) I saw a really effective and expensive ad. (Yup, I'm in marketing, and I watch ads and snooze during the shows. I love and hate myself for my fascination with and repulsion of advertising. Monster 4.)

The ad was for a toenail fungus medication that even doctors with toenail fungus won't take because of associated health risks.

In the ad, the fungi were transformed into fat-bellied, bug-eyed, yellow, skinny-legged little Gollum-y creatures. If dust mites and Gollum had babies that could fit under your toenail, that's what these creatures would look like.

(Nevermind that fungi are plant-like organisms, not at all creatures with teeth and claws, free will. Think mushrooms. Good thing these folks didn't get the account for a yeast infection crème.)

(Yes, the medicine vanquishes the creatures in the ad. Thank you Raid creative team.)

(Is this creative work or irresponsible fearmongering? Don't get me started.)

(So the monsters are stupid representations of toenail fungi. But they'll likely sell a whole lot of fungus pills, because who wants creepy little critters living under their toenails?)

As annoyed as the ad made me, I had to admit that I was deeply drawn to the monsters. They were familiars. They looked exactly as I envision the horde of little health monsters I must battle every day to keep the weight off, keep exercising, keep eating well, taking my vitamins, and all that stuff that when I'm overworked and busy feel like too much to bother with.

I am overrun with little yellow monsters. I'm exhausted from fighting the monsters, and want to rest. But they keep coming at me. They don't tire.

I know these monsters:

The four above and,
Flour and Sugar
Stealing exercise time for work or play
Not writing down what I eat
Not writing down my exercise
Not writing down what I'm feeling
Over-weighing myself
Nit-picking at rather than appreciating my new body
Not eating enough veggies
Not getting enough fiber
Not taking my vitys, fish oil, magnesium, glucosamine
Not planning my meals ahead of time
Not ensuring I have safe foods with me as I head out the door in the morning
Not protecting my pantry from foods I can't eat
Not getting enough sleep
Not measuring my food
Not asking for help
Not letting people help me
Krispy Kreme donuts
Not drinking enough water
Overdoing exercise
Overdoing dieting
Thinking I've got this thing licked
Stress eating
Forgetting to drink green tea
Focusing on weight rather than size
Forgetting my age
Forgetting to set small new goals

That's a lot of little monsters. I'm betting your list would be as long, though of course it would be a different list.

There's an old bit of wisdom that says you need to name your demons before you can fight them. Name them and know them well. I recommend you spend a little time today or this weekend with your journal, writing out what your army of monsters is made of, and thinking about what the best weapon is to use against each of them. Think of it as a game. It may help to fight some monsters online or through your favorite video game. Whatever it takes to see yourself vanquishing the monsters and getting stronger.

Ways to gather strength and skills in this game? Writing, sleep, visualizing, planning, buying good groceries on a full stomach, learning, exercising, rewarding yourself.

Okay. I'm not going to hide under the covers today, but will keep fighting the good fight.

Be strong,


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