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Monday, June 30, 2003  


Sometimes my skin hums.

Really. It does.

When I've had a big workout, and I've eaten a good meal, and I'm all languid and warm on the couch, reading a book or writing or something, my body will just, sort of buzz a bit. A low voltage leak. Just the slightest electrical overcharge.

Or that's the way it feels, anyway. My husband says this is a really normal feeling for athletes after practice. That makes me laugh, because, of course, we're talking about me here.

But it's there. Sometimes it's a little distracting. Sometimes it forces me back up onto my feet to do something around the house or stretch, or anything to move and distract myself from that odd feeling.

This is my body just doing what bodies do when they get plenty of exercise, I suppose.

Still, it's odd to have a body that acts out in this way. It's strange to have a body that wakes me up in the morning, ready to get moving. It's especially strange to have a body that has its own cravings for things other than food. Mostly for touch, stretching, exercise, warmth, movement. It's so needy.

I look across the couch at my beloved. He's lost a bunch of weight too. Some intentional, some through stress. But I can see he's feeling much the same thing. He used to achieve absolute inertia without too much difficulty. But he's more restless now. His legs fidget far more than they used to. He's up and pacing. He's down. He's flopping from side to side. He just has to do one more chore. And one more.

We've ruined our ability to sit still. We can no longer imitate upholstery. We've become people with charley horses, restless legs, cramped arms. We have to bend, twist, stretch, stretch, stretch to watch TV. We have to get the blood moving, muscles moving, let that electricity loose. Send that energy somewhere. Use it.

It's hard to sit still for a movie, through a visit with friends, through our favorite radio programs, through an after-dinner coffee.

We are no longer capable of our normal, slug-like existence.

It took quite awhile to get into this highly charged state. And now that we're here, we're not sure what to do with it. For the most part. We've thought of a few things.

Like gardening.

We're only sure we don't want to go back.

Here's hoping your juices are moving too. If not, they soon will be.


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