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Thursday, March 27, 2003  

Need a New Hobby?

During those rare times when I have time or when I turn my back on the mountains of work and take time, my hobbies are reading and gardening. I used to bake a lot, but for obvious reasons have given that hobby up, forever.

To read, I must first get the room in order. The dogs must go out and come back in, I'll need a blanket for my knees. I must brew tea, get my reading material together, make sure the light is right, the stereo is turned down, my favorite spot on the sofa is catless. As soon as I sit down, heave a sigh, and start in to my book or articles, within, oh, say 500 words…. I'm thinking about food.

I don't know why, and I'm really working hard to break the association. But like TV watching, reading used to be prime time for mindless eating. I must find a way to break the pattern, or turn into a numbskull. I will keep working away at this one. I will.

On the other hand, gardening is a hobby exponentially better for maintaining my new form. I never ever think about eating when I'm gardening. I work every conceivable muscle group, slowly, for hours at a time. After gardening I'm too tired to think about raiding the pantry for snacks. It's not a major workout, but it keeps me working, never sitting, always with a purpose and a goal ahead of me. The time flies, I love what I'm doing, and I consistently burn calories and give my whole body a nice, warm, limber feeling that helps me sleep and rest as the day winds down.

As much as I love to read, as much as learning has helped me lose weight and get more fit, sitting still can't compare to gardening for being a hobby that helps.

So, question…. Can you give up some of your TV or reading time for a more productive and active hobby? It doesn't have to be as physical as gardening, but maybe a hobby that at least keeps you on your feet, keeps your body a little busier and your mind consumed with what you're doing or creating rather than the stresses of your day, of your life. Spending your evening hours working on your hobby will keep you healthy, burn more calories than sitting, and distract you from eating calories you really don't need.

New hobbies are fun to pick up. You can find interest groups on the Internet for ANYTHING. If you live in a large town, there are adult education classes galore designed to get you started. Look especially for your area arts organization, where you could pick up anything from pottery to piccolo lessons.

I know of a woman who refinishes furniture at night, very slowly, very beautifully. She never thinks about food anymore.

I know of a guy who's become a master at marquetry, transforming ho-hum furniture into masterpieces.

Painters work their canvasses for hours. Their problem is getting enough sleep.

A woman I know makes the most beautiful gift cards and boxes out of gorgeous papers, buttons, glittery gold threads. They're such beautiful things. She sells them to friends, but obviously uses them herself as hostess gifts whenever and wherever she goes.

Photography will keep you moving and planning your next move. Black-and-white photography leads to a basement darkroom, which leads to peace and quiet, and beautiful prints.

Making wooden toys will keep you popular forever.

I won't try to list the millions of possibilities here. You get the point. Get up. On your feet. Get moving. I will too. I'll do it with you.

After, you know, my year of sitting on my butt, writing the Skinny Daily Post.



I have a high counter in my back room…. I can write standing up… can't I? Why not?

Okay, from now on, I write The Skinny Daily Post on my feet. That's something. That's a help.


Happy moving, lovies,


My local area arts council, run by my amazing son-in-law, where you can take so many cool classes all year long
Refinishing furniture
Wooden Toys
Making gift wraps and cards

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