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Monday, May 26, 2003  

Spa Treatment

I used to think, "Well, if I had all the money in the world…" I would take myself off to a spa for a few of months, sequestering myself from my stressful life, family and office eating, where I could work out twice a day and eat beautifully prepared mini meals, easily dropping my extra weight.

If I didn't have to work, cook, buy food. If I had the time to put in the effort. If there weren't so many other things competing for focus.

It was a fantasy. What would I do if I won the lottery? The very first thing would be finding that spa.

That is, luxury could get the weight off. A beautiful retreat, beautiful food, pampering, and attention. Not to mention an exotic atmosphere. And, you know, grape peelers.

So why do I keep thinking of calorie control and exercise as deprivation and punishment? When somewhere inside me these fantasies reveal that I believe the truth to be just the opposite?

Giving up sugar, giving up wheat, giving up the cheap foods full of those obesity builders -- saturated and overly industrialized fats and high fructose corn syrup -- for better and pricier foods, but less of it? Precious little meals of the most tender sprouted lettuces and fine cheeses? Spending my money on seafood rather than soda pop? What is this behavior if not luxurious living?

Joining a gym, getting a trainer, a diet counselor, isn't that living rich?

Isn't taking the time for Pilates classes and a few aerobics sessions a week, no matter how busy the life, exactly what the rich and powerful do?

Yeah. Yeah, it is. Dubya and Madonna, Oprah and Bill G. They're all living high in just this way.

So. Why not me? Do I really have to win the lottery to have all of this?

Ah. Of course not. I simply have to decide that keeping my body functioning really, really well is as important to my people, my audience, my world, my self as it is for any of those other guys. I don't have to spend a fortune, but just have to make the time. And not that much time. Half of my normal TV-watching time, say. The extra time to invest in less but better food and exercise.

Is it that simple?

You know it is. I don't have to tell you. You know in your heart and mind and gut that it is.

Learning/deciding you deserve it is the hard part. Feeling you deserve it so much it actually boosts your butt off the sofa is the thing.

But actually doing it? That's not hard at all.

You may need to make that decision every day for a while. But it will sink in. With practice, it will.


Picked up my number for the Women's Mini Marathon in Dublin today… Yipes!! One more week…

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