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Sunday, June 22, 2003  

Just off the Vine

The strawberries are in at the local farmers' market. And they're beautiful and taste - well, they taste like Michigan strawberries.

We had them over Panna Cotta (sweetened with sucralose) last night. Oh my. Really a perfect dessert. I want to try it without the sweetener, because I don't think it needs it and because I like to avoid all sweeteners.

Low-carbers can enjoy them dipped in whipping cream or sour cream.

South Beachers get to have them (after Phase 1) on their vanilla ricotta (the cheesecake lovers' placebo).

Weightwatchers can have them any way they want, of course, so long as they're counting.

I'm planning a bit of a Vitamin C hog fest by whizzing a cup (150% of your Vitamin C requirement for the day) into my protein shake this morning. Perfect pinkness.

Or maybe I'll slice them over a little bowl of yogurt.

Or onto my oatmeal.

This afternoon I'll treat my niece to a snack of strawberry milk by blending a few berries with low-fat milk and a little sucralose. Maybe some ice cubes too, if the temperature climbs.

At just a couple of calories per berry, they can garnish any meal.

Oh! I nearly forgot how much I love minced strawberries dressed with balsamic vinegar served over grilled asparagus! Yeah. Gotta get that in.

And sliced strawberries with toasted slivered almonds over Boston lettuce dressed with walnut oil mixed with a few drops of toasted sesame oil.

And strawberry salsa, made with fresh jalapenos (go easy), scallions and cilantro, served on grilled halibut. Mmm, hmm.

I'll freeze some of them, and eat them frozen during those 90-degree July days ahead.

And then I'll overeat them and break out into hives.

But it'll be worth it.


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