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Tuesday, July 01, 2003  

The Clueless Manifesto

What do you do with people who think obesity is:

*A Deep Psychological Aberration
*A Genetic Abnormality
*Their Business
*Your Barrier to Success
*Indicative of Ennui or a General Malaise
*A Political Statement
*A Gender-Based Issue

You know the ones. They maybe speak a little more slowly in the presence of an obese person. They adopt the syntax of a third-grade teacher. They apply a mournful face when fat folks talk about food or dieting. They don't know where to look when eating with an overweight person. At their plate? At their face? Where? Egad!

Or the ones who simply stare in fascination.

And then the ones who point, laugh, make comments loud enough to be overheard.

And finally the ones who yell from moving cars.

Hey, what do you do with people who are just a little overly supportive of your weight loss efforts?

Here's what I think you do. I think you print yourself up some business cards. This can be done very inexpensively. You print them up to say this:

Hi, my name is ____________. And I am obese.

Obesity is a predisposition of the body to store fat, reserving energy for times of hardship and starvation. Fat storage for fuel is one of the most miraculous and complex systems in the human body. Those of us who are good at it were meant to survive great hardships. Hardships up to and including meeting ___________s like you.

You'll have to fill in those two blanks, so carry a pencil with you at all times.

Well, okay, it won't work for the drive-by jerks, but pretty much everyone else.



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