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Thursday, September 25, 2003  

Ways to work it

When working to lose weight, hunger can set in by just contemplating a new eating plan. There's that post-lunch hunger that just seems to build all afternoon and evening. The after-dinner, before-bed hunger that gets worse with exposure to print and TV ads, food sections in the newspaper, and idle thoughts about preparing the next day's meals.

And if you're a girl, you may grow hungrier during different phases of your cycle. And if you exercise a lot, you can become famished after a big workout. You may be getting hungrier just reading about hunger, and, well, all of us have times when it's harder to manage those pangs while managing our weight.

When my stomach starts gnawing, and I know I've eaten all I should for the moment, I try things. I try to try them all:

*Drink 20 oz. of water, slowly.
*Drink warm herbal tea. Preferably a mint tea. Nothing with caffeine, which can intensify hunger.
*Move around, walk, take a set of stairs, stretch, do a few yoga stretches (don't move too fast with all that water in your belly)
*Take a warm bath, steam, sauna, hot tub
*Do your nails or clean a piece of wood furniture with lemon oil, or engage in some other highly scented endeavor
*Take a nap
*Take a tablespoon of psyllium husk fiber supplement in a large glass of water (if you haven't taken it already that day)
*Engage in some project or craft that will require an hour or two to complete and can't involve food
*Have a second cup of mint tea
*Take your vitamins, drink more water

If these diversions fail, go ahead and eat a little bit, just barely enough to hold you over to your next meal. Veggies give you the most bulk for the fewest calories, of course. Protein will hold your blood sugar steady the longest. A little protein and a lotta veggie? Perfect.

Good luck with that.

I'm famished,


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