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Saturday, November 08, 2003  

Adventurous Eating
Don't bore yourself

I've never had an Asian pear before. I ordered some from a mail-order produce place, just to see what they were. Ordered up some fresh figs, too. What a week we've had, munching on these new fruits. The figs have gone in the salad, and accompanied a good brie. The pears have been mid-morning snacks, a wild delight of texture and flavor. Like no other fruit I've tried. And I've tried plenty.

It's so easy, while working to lose or maintain weight, to focus on limiting your choices. We focus so much on what we can't eat, and forget to explore what we can. I've got a pile of beet greens waiting in the fridge. I can't remember the last time I cooked or ate beet greens. But I'm really looking forward to wilting them down with some shallots, dressing them in a bit of walnut oil. Maybe a bit of ginger will steam with them.

I'm going to eat a healthy breakfast tomorrow morning, then spend some time looking about for whole grain stuff. Whole grain pastas especially. Or that Pappadini Lentil pasta. Then I'm going to go on a bean bender, looking for something besides navy or pinto beans and chick peas. I'm going to go looking for adzuki and borlotti beans. Widen my horizons. Stretch my limits.

It's going to be fun, looking for healthy foods that will contribute to my focus on eating within my limits, rather than just focusing on limiting my eating.

And you? Is it time you expanded your repertoire of foods and recipes to help you remain interested in your new way of eating? Maybe for you it's not a new foodstuff, but a new cookbook, or a recipe swapping website, or how about organizing a low-cal gourmet club among friends? Setting rules for the maximum calories in a dinner?

This is not about losing interest in food, friends. It's about gaining interest in healthier habits.

Asian Pears

Black Mission Figs

Cool Beans

Whole Wheat and Lentil Pastas

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