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Saturday, November 15, 2003  

The Joy of Soup
Filling up, feeling warm

We eat lots of soups around this house. Since giving up saturated and trans fats and shunning empty carbs, we're finding that soups, especially ones we make ourselves, help us keep calories down and nutrients way up while easily filling our stomachs. I love making fast vegetable soups in the winter to drive the cold from my bones, fill up on phytonutrients, and infuse the house with cozy aromas.

Soups, like salads, will serve as great appetite managers, filling your tummy before you hit the main course at home or while dining out, curbing your hunger so you eat less of the fattening stuff.

So I was delighted the other day to run across, where another half-crazed blogger has established a beautiful collection of soups, which she shows off alongside her collection of soupware. Go there to find soups to lose weight by, soups to serve on a busy day, soups to serve when you have a lot of time, and loads of links for soup cookbooks.

The author of this plog (soup + blog = plog) is Susan Rizkalla, a registered nurse living in central New Jersey on the shore. Surrounded by engineers and engineering students (husband, son, daughter) who judge the soup recipes, her site's real function is to showcase her Stangl pottery collection. The soup is a ruse.

Why Stangl? Because that company, based in New Jersey, dug up New Jersey clay to make their wares. Susan is a proud Jersey girl. The patterns and pieces from the 40s, 50s, and 60s especially speak to her.

Because Susan follows the Sommersize plan for low-carb eating, her "soups to lose weight by" are creamy, cheesy, and lovely. But you'll also find a version of the ever-popular cabbage soup, if you're feeling a need to cut calories to the quick.

Do take a minute to visit this terrific site, and do try soup for dinner.

The Joy of Soup
Feeling full on fewer calories - Mayo Clinic
Close to 1,000 soups at

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