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Thursday, January 01, 2004  

Happy 2004 Folks

Yes, The Skinny Daily Post will keep going.

If you've been here awhile, you know this post started as emails to some buddies, evolved into a newsletter, a blog, and finally a column. It's been a ride that began, innocently enough, with my 2003 New Year's Resolution.

Stick that in your be-careful-what-you-resolve pipe and light it.

Some changes. Because of thousands of subscribers (shocking!) x a post a day was costing me much too much using Topica, and because Topica mails bounce back for as many as a 10th of our email subscribers, I've dropped Topica, and am using Bloglet, a free, ad-free service that picks up my posts directly from my website to email to you. Still free, still ad-free, but if you're not receiving your emails, you may need to resubscribe in the box on the right.

To keep it always free, to offset server fees and for upcoming other modifications designed to save me on publishing time and to make life easier for people who are perusing past posts, I've struck a deal with the Tribune Media Services' That means Skinny Daily is now a column designed for newspaper consumption. And that means somewhat longer development time for some of these posts. I hope the experience will be richer -- original interviews, deeper research.

My 2004 resolution is to keep weekends for my family. But then, the traffic takes such a nose dive on weekends, what the heck?

Thanks, thanks, thanks to all of you who contribute in so many ways, who have shared your stories, your experiences, your wisdom, your advice and concern and criticisms, who have opened up spots for me on your links lists, your bulletin board, in your publications, your sites, on your shows, in your email box, and as part of your day.

Thanks to Jack, of course, who gives more than he should to The Skinny. To Mom, my research partner, Dad, my quality control officer, and my whole family. To my good friends at BBK Studio, patient, patient, patient with my SDP absences, and so equipped to help with what's next.

2004 Resolution, same as last year, but better.

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