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Monday, March 03, 2003  

Water, Water

Made my exercise goal last week. Got my Bloch hip warmers. They're just adorable, with the cool rubber tag on the leg. Oh yes. I'm a ballerina.

This week's goal is its own reward. I'm going to drink, drink, drink. And to try to develop a drinking habit.

I stink at drinking water. Oh I'll make an effort, and keep it up for maybe 3 days at a time, maybe 4, but then I lose it.

It's just one of the new habits I haven't yet locked in, but I really need to. So this week, and maybe next week too, I'm logging H2O.

There are so many rewards for drinking my water:

*It'll keep my bladder, which can be cranky, much happier. Nothing quite so good for your kidneys and bladder and urinary tract as a steady flow of urine.

*It'll keep my digestive system happy, happy.

*It'll help keep me warm. It's cold here. It's really cold. Being well hydrated helps warm me up.

*It'll make my workouts more productive. I veel be strong like ox.

*It'll help me push icky toxic metabolic leftover sludgy slimey garbage outta my bod. Don't want toxins. Don't need 'em. Gotta sweat 'em out, breath 'em out, pee 'em out.

*It'll help me think more clearly, and perhaps avoid writing sentences like that last one.

*It'll help keep me full.

*And more stuff I can't remember right now, because I'm dehydrated and a bit foggy.

Here's what I'm going to do to try to get better at water drinking:

*I'll drink a glass every morning as soon as I get up, and another before I go to bed (I can do that and sleep through the night, but many of you should maybe settle for a half a glass before bed.)

*I'll keep a full bottle in my car, filling it up at work and at home.

*I'll keep a glass on my desk at work, and walk around with it while schmoozing and meeting with officemates.

*I'll drink a full glass before every meal.

*I'll wean myself to one cup of coffee per day.

Okay? Okay. I recommend you take on the water challenge this week or some week soon.


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