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Wednesday, April 16, 2003  

Fiber Filling

For me, eating fewer calories, fewer carbs than before, while increasing my protein consumption presents a new problem. I can manage the calories and the equation if I don't think very hard about fiber.

But, of course, I must think about fiber. And why not? Fiber is my best friend when I need to manage hunger. Keeping my fiber count up to 25-30 grams per day, I know, will keep me from eating calories I don't need, help to ward off heart disease, diabetes, various cancers, and the kind of intestinal and bowel troubles the women in my family are famous for.

High-fiber carbs are better then low-fiber ones, because the fiber itself helps to slow digestion, and keep the blood sugar stable. Note that foods lower on the glycemic index are generally higher in fiber. Ah!

Gotta get my fiber.

But how? Beans, peas, legumes. Cook them up and keep them around to add to salads or eat on their own. Perfect basis for a lunch salad, beans and peas will fill you up and help keep you full through dinner.

Leafy greens, leafy greens.

Oatmeal for breakfast.

Whole grain breads. Bulghur wheat. Barley. Buckwheat. Apples. And nuts.

It's best to get your fiber from real food, because, of course, it's more nourishing. Most people have a calorie requirement that makes it more than possible to get 25-30 grams of fiber from food.

But some of us really should supplement to get in all the fiber we need. I use sugar-free psyllium-based supplements (Metamucil or unflavored Psyllium powder from the health food store) to meet my fiber requirements. Once a day, a spoonful in water, followed by another glass of water (don't rush it, don't skimp on the water).

Keep up your fiber and watch your cholesterol come down. Bulk up to see your skin clear. Fill up with fiber to see your food sensitivities diminish (the faster the food is eliminated, the better you feel). Fiber speeds the elimination of toxins. Shoot, it speeds the elimination of everything.

I know. It's another thing to count.

But this count really counts,


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