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Friday, August 08, 2003  

Tough Assignment

This is a tough little writing assignment, friends. And I want you to use it carefully. Do this after you've had a decent meal and during a quiet time, when you're feeling pretty peaceful. Don't do it under stress or when you're particularly low, or cranky with hunger.

Don't use this assignment at all if you have a habit of kicking yourself when you're down. (You know who you are.)

Ready? Pull out your journal, grab a piece of paper, open a new doc, or fire up your blog editor, and make a list.

I want you to list all the things that your extra weight or lack of fitness prevents you from doing or trying.

Specifically, what things/places/people/events do you avoid, or have you avoided in the past, because you weren't fit enough or because of your extra pounds?

What things can't you do?

What things have you stopped trying to do?

What things would you never dare yourself to try?

What places do you avoid?

What situations do you skirt around?

What you'll end up with is a list that may be pretty hard to read. It isn't meant to depress you, but to motivate you to stay on your new eating and exercise program. If you've already lost the weight, then remember back to the time before you did.

Then, when you start to lose it, when you make the wrong food choices, or are trying to control a craving or talk yourself into your workout, pull out this list and read it again.

My list:

*Wearing shorts
*Looking in the mirror in the ladies bathroom, or anywhere
*Sitting in stadium seats
*Rollerblading, bike riding, walking in public
*Bathing suits anywhere
*Eating in front of people
*Wearing anything sleeveless
*Going anywhere un air-conditioned in the summer
*Walking more than 3 blocks
*Pool parties/beach parties/outdoor parties
*Family photos
*Standing in lines
*Exercise classes
*Beauty parlors
*Clothes shopping
*Buying gloves
*Buying knee-high boots
*Wearing pretty under-stuff
*Wearing high heels
*Water parks
*Bath tubs
*Chairs with arms
*Business lunches
*Dancing in public
*Running through the rain
*Bending down to pick stuff up
*Sitting on the floor
*Climbing the long steps to the lookout at tourist destinations

I bet there's more I avoided, things I wouldn't do. I'll add to the list as I remember them. Your list may be a lot shorter or a lot longer. It'll be different from mine. But it's a good idea to have one/make one. Remember to use it as a motivator. Use it as a way of promising yourself a more comfortable and barrier free life ahead. When you get there, save the list under "rewards." Because reclaiming these things feels great.

Use the list then to remind yourself why working hard to maintain your loss is worth every bit of the effort.

Tomorrow won't be so tough,


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